Min Pins for Sale

Min Pins for Sale

Find Exceptional Min Pins for Sale at Shaw Chinese Crested & Miniature Pinschers

Min Pins for sale

Are you on the hunt for a remarkable canine companion that combines spirited personality with compact charm? Look no further than the Min Pins for sale at Shaw Chinese Crested & Miniature Pinschers, led by the esteemed breeder Peg Shaw, an AKC (American Kennel Club) Breeder of Merit. Let’s take some time to spotlight Miniature Pinschers, their unique characteristics, and the significance of choosing a highly qualified and accredited breeder like Peg Shaw for your new furry family member.

Meet the Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin)

The Miniature Pinscher, affectionately known as the Min Pin, is a breed that embodies vitality and elegance in a small package. These dogs are structurally well-balanced, strong, and solid, with a short-coupled, smooth coat. They possess an alert and vigorous demeanor, which makes them a lively addition to any household.

Min Pins are characterized by their distinctive hackney-like action, bold personalities, and self-assuredness. Their spirited presence sets them apart in the canine world. Despite their small size, their legs are straight with no bending in or out, showcasing their natural grace.

Size Matters: Compact and Energetic

In terms of size, Miniature Pinschers are small but mighty. According to the American Kennel Club, they should stand at 10–12+1⁄2 inches (25–32 cm) high, with the most desirable height being 11–11+1⁄2 inches (28–29 cm) at the highest point of the shoulder blades. Length is equal to height, though females may be slightly longer. Their ideal weight falls between 8–10 pounds (3.6–4.5 kg).

Coat and Colors: Sleek and Stylish

The Min Pin boasts a sleek and smooth coat that requires minimal grooming. They have no undercoat, which simplifies care. When it comes to colors, Miniature Pinschers are available in a variety of hues, including solid red, stag red, blue stag red, chocolate stag red, and fawn stag red. They can also be black, gray, chocolate, blue, or fawn with tan or rust tips.

For showing in the United States, the AKC disqualifies all colors except solid or stag red and black or chocolate with rust points. In the UK, blue with rust points is allowed in the show ring. Notably, white spots larger than half an inch or black spots on the points are disqualifications for showing in most countries, emphasizing the breed’s distinct standards.

The Importance of a Trusted Breeder: Spotlight on Peg Shaw

When considering Min Pins for sale, it’s essential to find a highly qualified and accredited breeder, and Peg Shaw exemplifies these qualities. As an AKC Breeder of Merit, she upholds the highest standards of breeding excellence and ethics.

Peg Shaw’s commitment to the health and care of the dogs she breeds and raises is unparalleled. Every Min Pin she raises receives comprehensive healthcare, including up-to-date vaccines, microchipping, and thorough veterinary documentation and records. This level of care ensures that your new Min Pin puppy starts life with the best possible foundation for health and happiness.

Is a Miniature Pinscher a Good Family Dog?

Absolutely! Miniature Pinschers are not just delightful companions; they also make excellent family dogs. Their loving and affectionate nature shines through as they form strong bonds with every family member. Their loyalty knows no bounds, and they are always ready to provide unwavering companionship and devotion.

Their gentle disposition and patience make them particularly well-suited for families with children. Miniature Pinschers tend to get along well with kids (as long as parents can make sure kids play gently with their Min Pins), and their adaptability allows them to fit seamlessly into family life.

What Makes a Good Show Dog? Training and Care

Min Pins for sale

A good show dog, much like a Miniature Pinscher from Shaw Chinese Crested & Miniature Pinschers, is the result of meticulous training, care, and dedication. Breeding plays a crucial role in selecting dogs that meet and exceed breed standards, but it’s the commitment to grooming, training, and presentation that turns a Min Pin into a showstopper.

Training a show dog involves teaching them to showcase their best qualities, including their composure, self-possession, and vitality. Show dogs must be comfortable and confident in the show environment to impress judges with their poise and elegance.

Reach Out Today to Find a Perfect Pup for Your Home

When you choose a Min Pin for sale from Shaw Chinese Crested & Miniature Pinschers, you’re not just bringing home a pet; you’re welcoming a cherished family member. Peg Shaw’s dedication as an AKC Breeder of Merit, her commitment to health and care, and her understanding of breed standards ensure that you’re getting an exceptional Miniature Pinscher.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home one of these spirited and elegant companions. Contact Shaw Chinese Crested & Miniature Pinschers online today and discover why our Min Pins are best in show.