Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee / Purchase Contract

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The Puppy ID is the last four digits of the puppies unique microchip number.
Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee

Thank you for choosing a puppy bred by Peg Shaw. Adding a new puppy to your family is an exciting time. I want you to love your new family addition as much as I do. A dog is a lifetime commitment and should never be an impulse purchase. As your puppy's Breeder, I am always available to answer any questions regarding your puppy's care.

Short-Term Health Guarantee
  1. This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of delivery to the Buyer. A Veterinary Certificate of Health will accompany the puppy. The puppy's microchip number will be documented on the health certificate as proof of physical examination by a licensed veterinarian.
  2. The Seller will provide a complete health record of the puppy.
  3. Any variation from the Breeder's recommended vaccination protocol will null and void this health guarantee.
  4. All puppies are preventatively treated for worms, giardia, and coccidiosis before they leave the Breeder's home. However, the Buyer needs to be aware that these things can arise, are not severe, and are easily treatable. Puppies are naturally at risk for viral and bacterial diseases and worms, often caused by the stress of a new home, new food, new people, or just a change in the environment. In other words, don't make PetSmart or a dog park your first trip after receiving your new puppy.
  5. Buyer has 72 hours from the date of ownership to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. Failure to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours will void the health guarantee.
  6. In the event, the Buyer's veterinarian finds an issue during the check. The Buyer must provide a copy of the veterinary record with the microchip number documented to the Breeder on the same day.
  7. If the Buyer and Seller cannot rectify the problem, the Buyer may return the puppy to the Seller within five days. The Seller will refund the original cost of airline shipping paid to the Seller. The Seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of the same breed and quality as soon as one becomes available.
Long Term Health Guarantee
  1. The puppy is guaranteed not to have any congenital life-threatening defects for twenty-four months of age. If there are any congenital life-threatening defects, they should become present well within that time.
  2. Should an issue arise within this time due to a congenital life-threatening defect, the puppy will be replaced by one of the same qualities and value when the next becomes available. There will be no cash refunds.
  3. In the unlikely event that the puppy passes away from a congenital ailment, the Seller will only offer a replacement puppy if an autopsy is conducted by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian's report, including the microchip identification, is provided to the Seller.
  4. The health guarantee mentioned in this agreement does not cover accidental death, neglect, abuse, or injuries that the puppy sustains in the care of the Buyer.
  5. The Seller is not responsible for the cost of any veterinary care.
Purchase Agreement
  1. Unless specified otherwise, the Breeder sells the puppy as a companion with AKC-limited papers.
  2. The Buyer shall not use the dog for breeding purposes under any circumstances.
  3. The Buyer must provide the Breeder with their choice of an AKC registerable name with the Shaw prefix within 15 days of purchase. The Seller agrees to provide AKC–papers within 30 days of purchase.
  4. Any puppy sold as a show prospect will be on a co-own basis until the dog has obtained its' AKC CH title. The Seller will sign off on the AKC papers as a co-owner upon AKC confirmation.
  5. If the Buyer must ever give up ownership of the dog, for whatever reason, the said dog must be returned to the Breeder at the Buyer's expense unless the Breeder and Buyer can reach an alternate agreement.
Breach of Contract
  1. This contract is legally binding and governed by the State of Nebraska. The penalty for Breach of Contract shall be twice the purchase price sought by the Seller in the county of the Seller's residence.
  2. All legal fees, or any other fees, which the Seller may incur to enforce this contract will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
  3. The Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary or lawyer fees after the puppy is in the Buyer's possession.
Payment and Deposits
  1. All deposits and payments made to the Seller are not refundable unless the Seller cannot deliver the puppy to the Buyer.
  2. Buyer acknowledges they have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract when placing a deposit.
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