Puppy Buying Process FAQ

Puppy Buying Process FAQ

The Shaw Puppy Buying Process

Reserving a puppy

Once we decide which puppy is perfect for you, a non-refundable  payment/deposit and a signed purchase contract/health guarantee is required to reserve your puppy.

Leaving Home

Ten to twelve weeks is the usual age I let my puppies leave my home. If I feel the puppy is not big enough or mature enough to leave at that age, please understand the health and safety of the puppy always come first.

What accompanies each puppy?

Health Certificate – Every puppy will be examined by my veterinarian within one to two days of their departure to their new home. The puppy’s microchip number will be documented on the veterinarian’s certificate of health as proof your specific puppy was the one examined.


I accept Zelle, Venmo, or cash as forms of payment. Payment in full is required at the time I make the airline reservations (10 days in advance) or at the time you pick your puppy up in person. I do not offer payment plans for my puppies.

Health Record

All vaccinations and worming dates will be documented. Including the product name and serial number. The dates of future recommended vaccinations will also be provided for you and given to your veterinarian.


The AKC reunite registration form with the puppy’s microchip and breeder information will be included for you to complete and submit to AKC Reunite.

Health Insurance

I have partnered with Trupanion Health Insurance to provide health insurance for your puppy that will go into effect the day you receive your puppy. The puppy buyer will be responsible for placing this insurance into effect. I don’t require this, but I do recommend it.

Lifetime Breeder Support

My responsibility to my puppies does not stop when they leave my home. I am always available for questions and assistance for the life of every puppy I bring into this world.

I want nothing more for my puppies than to live a long happy life with the family I place them with. In the unfortunate event rehoming is needed, I will always take one of my dogs back.

Receiving your puppy

Picking up your new family member in person is always welcome. However, when a long distance is involved, a short plane ride is always less stressful for the puppy than spending days on the road. I provide the following options for receiving your puppy:

  1. You can pick up in-person
  2. Shaw Min Pins can ship your puppy. We will make all arrangements.
  3. You can fly in to pick up your puppy.
  4. Since Shaw Min Pins is constantly traveling for shows – we could possibly meet en route.

Airline Travel

When transportation is needed to send the puppy to you, I make all of the arrangements for you. All that is needed on your end is to arrive at the airport when the flight arrives. Your puppy will arrive in a brand-new crate that is yours to keep.

Unlike most breeders, I am licensed to ship and have been a Known Shipper with the airlines for 28 years. Sending a puppy by air is not stressful or harmful to the puppy. The puppy is safely in a crate regardless of whether it is in a vehicle or on a plane.

Third-Party Couriers

The use of “Nannies” to ship puppies is something non-licensed breeders have come up with no circumvent the license and inspection requirements. I will not use a Nanny or Ground Transporter to send my puppies to their new homes. In the extreme situation (weather) I am unable to secure a flight for your puppy, I will personally fly with the puppy myself.