Shaw Miniature Pinschers & Chinese Cresteds

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Exceptional AKC pedigree

Dam and Sire has been genetically health tested via 

Paw Prints Genetics full breed panel.

Please contact Peg Shaw for more info. 402 989-2193

Chinese Crested - Hairy Hairless male

 CH Just My Imagination N' Co x Sunlit Shaw's Rave Review

DOB  07/​15/21

Miniature Pinschers  - one male

Shaw's Baby You Burned That Bridge x CH Shaw's She's Honest Trinity

DOB 07/12/2021

Health Guarantee



Peg Shaw

1735 County Rd 2100

Wilber, NE 68465

(402) 989-2193

Buyer: ______________________________ Date: _______________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________


Phone: _______________________________________________

Microchip number: _______________________________________________ 

sex: ______________DOB: ________________________________________

In consideration of the purchase price of $______________ it is hereby agreed and understood the following conditions apply:

1. AKC-Limited registration or an AKC pedigree will be provided to the buyer only after a receipt of spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian has been provided to the seller. The puppy’s microchip number must be documented on the receipt by a licensed veterinarian. It is agreed upon by the buyer and seller said puppy will be neuter/spayed by two years of age.

2. This puppy was purchased with the agreement that it would be neutered/spayed. Under no circumstances shall this puppy’s name or pedigree be used for any breeding purposes. If the buyer is found to be in violation of this, there will be a $ 10,000 suit filed against the buyer for damages in the seller’s county of residence

3. This puppy is guaranteed to be free of hereditary debilitating defects apparent by 12 months of age. Determination of what constitutes a debilitating hereditary defect is by the unanimous agreement of two veterinarian’s, one of which is board certified in the applicable specialty. The choice of veterinarians must be agreeable to both parties. Cost of the opinion are to be assumed by the buyer. Remedy shall be replacement with the next like prospect. Under no circumstances will the seller be liable for any veterinary bills.

4. If for any reason the buyer can no longer keep this dog, the seller shall have the right of first refusal.

5. Buyer agrees to feed this dog a premium food at all times and to provide veterinary care as needed including regular teeth cleaning, vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

6. Buyer agrees to register said puppy with the microchip’s lost and found program and to list the seller as one of the contacts.

Buyer signature: ______________________ DATE:________________

Print name: _______________________________________________

Seller signature: Peggy A. Shaw

Failure to sign and return the contract does not null and void any responsibilities of the buyer.


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